My Projects


ViewPoints is a mobile application that lets you see what is happening around you and your community. The App lets you know how many people are their, and what they're saying in real time. Local bars, sporting events, malls, gyms, parks etc and notified you when your friends are there.

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PopularTv is a mobile application that helps user find new tv shows to watch by viewing the trending shows and adding friends and seeing what they watch.

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Rate Me

RateMe is a mobile application that lets users find out how attractive other people find them. The goal of the app is to swipe and rate everyone on a scale of 1-10 while trying to maintain a 10 for yourself.

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Locate Friends

This app is used to locate your friends on the map. Only people who are your friends will be able to see your location!

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My Finance - Budget App

This financial app helps you to create and follow a monthly budget. Charts are enabled to give you a special visualization.

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